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Jack Mauro Music



The Journey

Jack Mauro is a composer born and raised in NYC. His path to music is unconventional compared to many of his peers. He originally had his mind set on becoming a college hockey player but due to a devastating injury at age 16, his career was cut short and he turned to music to help ease the pain of this major life change. He would listen to acoustic artists such as Tommy Emmanuel, Ben Howard, Bon Iver, Chet Atkins, and John Butler. Although he could play a few chords, these artists led to a huge spark of inspiration towards the guitar and he  spent hours a day playing and practicing the instrument. Through listening to and learning from these artists, Jack began to understand song craft and the importance of melody in a composition. He began to write songs and eventually sang and played guitar in a band when he was 18. 

The constant practicing and writing led to very quick progress and landed Jack a scholarship to Berklee College of Music in 2017. During his time in Berklee he began to learn why music works the way it does and various production and mixing techniques. Through his education at Berklee he was able to have experiences writing and producing all sorts of music including electronic, hip hop, pop, orchestral, acoustic and rock genres.

In 2023, his versatile skill set has led to him being brought on as an in house composer at one of the worlds most premier music and sound companies for advertisements, JSM Music. JSM has become his professional home and he hopes to grow and have a long successful career there. 


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